Quarterback School

Andrew Coverdale - Trinty High School

Quarterback School Philosophy

1.  Purpose of Quarterback School is to put the Quarterback a step ahead of everyone else
    a. Learns to be "The Guy" for the team -- talk about it with him
    b. On small staffs this is very important
2.  Try and make things automatic for him (mental/physical)
3.  Build a relationship with QB.  Trust develops
4.  Has to be the hardest worker - earn the ball being in his hands
5.  Leader is earned and expected =  time spent in offseason and knowledge of all

Quarterback School Calendar


  • Goals established, knowledge of defenses and system, footwork and throwing motions
    • Start with individual goal setting meetings
    • muscle memory worked on
    • over-communicate, always know where he stands
  • Sessions are two hours/2x a week
  • Begin teaching in Quarterback School as if he knows nothing - sell the system to him.
    • Procedures
    • Terminology
    • Run Checks
    • Protections
    • Teach all drills


  • Correct mechanics
  • Work decision making/game mangement/situation understanding
  • Self-evaluation
  • Find out what he likes play-wise
  • Get them to value what you value in a QB
  • Have to know what he is thinking
  • Sessions 2-21/2 hours, 3-4 x week
  • Teach 1 day ahead of what you will be doing in 7 on 7
  • Develop the toolbox 
  • As summer goes on, emphasize areas to be fixed

Quarterback School Systems and Tips on Teaching

  • Darin Slack's self correct DVD's are good
  • Send them power points to teach, meet, and study.  Also can be used as tests or quizzes
  • Always get feedback
  • Get him to take pride in the position
  • Spring Dinner with all the QB's including the past 4 or 5 seasons
  • Stance and 1st steps
    • Staggered stance, be consistent, lot of weight on big toe, slightly pigeon toed
  • Teach pitches (for the option) in the summer, don't build sessions into practice.  They can pitch as they jog off the field to get water.
  • Warmups are a great rep time.  Don't just loosen arm, use as a development period for the Quarterback.  
  • Want front hand pressure on the ball to eliminate patting the ball. 

Notes taken from 2009 Atlanta Glazier Clinic Presentation

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