Notes from Glazier Clinic Presentation; Atlanta, GA; 02/07/09

Greg Gregory: Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach - South Florida

The No-Back Offense

3x2 Formations

4 WR and a TE, TE always stays in. Can be used for protection. Can also use 4 WR and a RB, not a primary WR spot - more for the decoy than the motion.

2 TE, 3 WR: Used for teams that want to play 'corners over.'

The Running Game out of the Empty Set

You want a dual-threat QB, in order to give the threat of a run in 5 WR. The running plays used here are Draw, Counter, Power, and Inside Zone. Look for a 4-1 box or a 3-2 box. Find out where the next nickel LB is, and if he can be safely accounted for by a WR.

The Draw

The defense is going to run twists to try and stop you here. QB takes one step to let things open up, and then goes. The Guard and Center are responsible for the Nose and the Mike. The WR responsible for the Overhang backer puts eyes on him. If he is watching you, expand to take him out. If he is looking inside, go block him. If they try to bring an extra man in the box, you need to check out of this play. Either go to a passing play, or bring someone else in to block. Give a false call in empty to get the defense to declare. Take near receivers and space them out.

The draw can be productive out of a Quads set as well.

The Counter

Gap blocking scheme. The best chance to get to the LB is to the shade side. Give the QB the power to check to the shade side. The QB will fake the bubble - and by fake, it is just a look at the bubble.

For the offensive linemen, blocking is the same in Zone, Power, and Counter. Ends will try to wrong-arm the puller like they always do, but there will be no one to spill the plays to.

QB Zone and Power can also be run from these looks - but they do not use that at South Florida.

The Passing Game out of the Empty Set

If the defense is bringing 5, they should not get there unless you are physically beaten by the opponent. or its busted. But if they bring 6 - you have two choices: 1) Turn the pass rusher farthest away from the QB loose, and get the ball away quick, or 2) bring in a TE for extra help, and go for the big play vs. the 0 coverage (all man). If you've got a high safety, you know for sure you'll have enough blockers to handle the rush. They won't bring more than a 5 man rush if they have a high safety. Some other information:

  • They never use a snap count in gun. All snaps are on Center & QB Communication.
  • Work a lot vs. line twists.
  • Vs. a 3-2 box (odd), everyone sets for depth. When you can't figure out who is coming, set for depth and let it declare itself.
  • As soon as you see 0 Coverage, go get 'em.

6 Men in the Box

As soon as you see 6 in the box, the QB can make changes to the play, or make a call to bring a TE in. If they're a green dog team (when the RB/TE sets up to block, defender responsible for man coverage on him comes on a rush), it can mess you up. But, "If you're bringing more than we've got, Take a Shot!" They do not like to gap protect vs. Odd fronts. Bring the TE in to handle the edge blitzer and use a slide. If the team does NOT green dog, the QB must beware that there is an extra defender hanging out there now.

The Offensive Line should fan when the OLB on the LOS is more of a threat than the middle backer. Out of this Empty set, South Florida is about 70% Pass, 30% Run.

Look for Part 2 of Greg Gregory's Empty Set talk later this week. This will include specific routes in the passing game and more!

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