Greg Gregory:  Empty Passing Game

2009 Atlanta Glazier Clinics

No Huddle

ESPN Shop Why?  Receivers refused to run to the line from the huddle, and the coach couldn't take it anymore.  

Quick Game

The Quick Game is built around slants.  

2 rec. side:  inside receiver runs a 1-step slant; outside hitch vs. soft zone, 3-step slant vs. press coverages.
When the backer turns to wall #2, go over top or go underneath and occupy him - it depends on your game plan.

3-Step Slant:  Stay friendly, it is not designed for the big play.  Don't run into the defense.
2 high safety look:  Play opposite the Mike LB
1 high safety look:  Work the 3-man side.  

Normally, if the backer walls #2, you hit the outside slant.  

Another way to hit the quick game is to line up in Quads and hit the single receiver on a slant or a hitch.
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Offensive Line Protection

OL Blocks with 5-Man Protection and the freedom to cut.  

Semi-Quick Game

Any receiver can get open if he knows how to do it, doesn't require great physical ability.

Semi-Quick that didn't work
This was the old way.  The 3-man side never came open, so it was changed to:
Semi-Quick Game
#2 is trying to win the inside vs. 2-high safeties; he is the primary guy, needs to get 5-8yards.
#1 has a mandatory outside release.  
Teach receivers why their job is important - they #1 receivers will figure out that they never get the ball on this play, so explain to them why that is.

Bubble Slant

#1 needs to get away from the Will and get open.  If the corner sinks, hit the bubble to the right side NOW and get forward 4-6 yards.  
1 high safety look:  Work the strong side (3-man side)
If there is nothing there, the QB knows to throw it over the head of the weak side #2.

If you have a mobile quarterback, you're better off getting 5 guys out into routes.


Intermediate Passing

#1 comes out of his break under control at 14-16 yards (10-12 if he's slower)
#2 tries to bring the will out with him to open up a window.
Strong Side (3-Man Side)
#1 Just find a way to get open.
#2 No-Depth Post.
#3 Snap Post
Read the safety, if he goes deep hit the under, if he jumps the dig hit the snap post.  Vs. 1 high safety you'll hit the dig on the seam.

Y-Follow:  Same principles as the X-Follow.  

The hardest deep ball for a QB to throw is from right to left (right hander).

Vertical Concept

Balls are caught in the 18-22 yard range, get 4 verticals out there.
4 Vertical Landmarks:
  1. 2 Yards outside the hashes
  2. Halfway between the #'s and the Sidelines

#1 Works to climb the DB. If we can't climb by 12, convert it to comebacks.  
The inside receivers need to know if it is 1 high or 2 high safeties.  
2 high Safeties:  boundary guy is the bender, which opens up a lot.
Tag one receiver with a short route - #3 has a jig in this one.

Verticals w/ comeback
1-High Safety, comeback route by #1 weak.

Verticals into Boundary
Verticals from opposite boundary, #3 becomes the vertical on far hash and #2 becomes Bender.
Bender needs to snap it off, but stay friendly to the Quarterback.
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