The Power Gun Offense

David Gutshall: Dorman High School, South Carolina

Power Gun Offense Basics

#1 Play is the Triple Option (2008 season recorded 4101 yards rushing) They committed 100% to the gun, the only time they do not use the gun is if we have to kill the ball (we use it in the victory formation). Reason for this is because we didn’t want to spend practice time on both, just commit 100% to one and perfect that.

Advantages of Power Gun Offense

  1. Spread concept for the pass game
  2. Good formation for power plays
  3. Be an option team to put the defense in assignment football
  4. Make big plays in the passing game (b/c the defense loads the box)
  5. Our defense loves it because we are a ball control team

Reasons to Change It

  1. Had the personnel to be a power team
  2. To beat our rival we had to become a physical, ball controlling, north-south running, offense
  3. Needed to find an offense that would allow us to keep the spread no-huddle

Philosophy of the Offense

  1. Make opponent defend the power game
  2. Be good at the triple option, forces the defense to play assignment football (cover pitch, dive, and QB always)
  3. Be able to create 1 on 1’s with WR’s
  4. Be able to run the option out of all our power plays
  5. Use quick motions with the Y and RB to get into ideal sets

Tight End (Y) = really is the FB

  1. Placement of the TE is crucial in most of our plays
  2. Player needs to be in a good position to lead block
  3. You have your one of your best player in pass protection
  4. He is in good position to release into pass routes
  5. He is in good position to be the trapper
  6. He is a good OL with more athleticism (use what you have a physical slot, a quick guards etc…)

Blocking Schemes

All blocking assignments are either Gap or Man. Either are responsible for a gap or responsible for a man (based on a count system on the LOS). OL always will call (one OL assigned this responsibility to alert the rest of the OL with certain at LOS calls) the scheme being used no matter whether it is pass, run, or screen. In reality the OL don’t need to know the plays just the three schemes:

  1. Outside Rule: responsible for the gap away from the ball. (inside zone & outside zone)

  2. Inside Rule: responsible for the gap to towards the ball, Center always responsible for backside A-gap. (power/off tackle)

  3. Man Rule: Guard is responsible for #1, Tackle responsible for #2, FB responsible for LB to #3. The Center is always responsible for backside A-gap.


Formations with words equal 2 x 2 sets (Pro). Formations called with Florida cities equal 3 x 1 sets (Tampa).

Daytona Strong
Pro Strong
Tampa Right
Tampa Strong

Power-Part of the Offense

All of the plays are called by their generic names. Can tag Option on to the end of every play, where the quarterback is reading the BSDE.

Hand Sweep

OL need to reach, if they cannot reach go to the 2nd level.

Linebacker Trap

OL use man-blocking. If there is a BS 3-tech, then pull the center.


FSG needs to make sure the 3-tech is secure before leaving for the LB.


FST works from the PSLB to the BSLB, if he shows up in your gap, then take him.

Option phase

  1. Run the option out of all the power plays, by tagging a word that makes automatic. Play is changed by aiming point of the lineman with a good ball fake inside.
  2. H or Z should run a pitch route on all the plays. It is done with 4 different routes.
  3. Option Routes

  4. Lead option can be used to threaten outside quickly

OT can get release inside go there and get the LB.


QB needs to attack the outside armpit of End, make the 5-tech tackle you. (Have to make the QB pitch for the play to be effective) If there is a blitz on the edge, make an outside zone call. Tackle needs to make a call of what route he is taking on his release (inside or outside) so the QB knows the speed of the read. If it is an outside release his read will be slower, if the release is inside then the read is faster. Want to pitch the ball sideways not backwards.

Zone Read

We want to run to the bubble of the defense. The QB pulls if he thinks he can out run the End. Y is scraping from the LB to the Free Safety. Don’t avoid the end if he is upfield, block him. The Y has to read the Y just like the QB does.

Short Yardage Offense

GATA offense = Get After Their A$$ offense

Will sometimes bring the H around to make the D cover the pitch.

Will run all the power plays (Knock, Off-tackle, Sweep, Iso, counter, and Jump Pass).


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