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Trick Plays:  Tulsa Smoke & Mirrors

Tulsa's Bill Blankenship - 2009 Cleveland Glazier Clinic

Install a gadget play every single day.  The defensive coaches will be pissed.

Fight Song
Fight Song
Huddle 3 yards from L.O.S. and break out quick.  
LT - Run a bubble, can't go beyond the line of scrimmage.  Hold your hands up to hide your numbers - its obvious enough that the big guy is lined up out there to begin with.
SE - Should be your best Fade receiver.
FL, TB - Seams Vertical
TE - Right down the middle.  Hide your #s before the snap by getting in a low stance.
Shift to this formation.  If you get any kind of drift then hit the MOF open.  If the Defensive End recognizes the play, he'll stay with the TE.  If the TE isn't available, you hit the fade.  

Make a Defense think they know what's coming, and then run something else.  If they're expecting "Fight Song," run the Tunnel Screen off of it.

Put the biggest guy next to the Center, and put the littlest guy right behind him, hiding.  The linemen stand shoulder to shoulder and shuffle up to the line.  They're leaning on eachother, closing up the gaps.  The back is hidden right in behind them.  The QB can fake with his left hand to the jet, while handing off behind his back to the little guy on his right.  Tell the back to hold the ball and count thousand-one, thousand-two before he goes anywhere.  He doesn't need to be in a hurry.  The absolute worst thing that can happen is they take a one yard loss!  The deep TB should be yelling and screaming before the play to create a distraction.  

After you're run this a couple of times (over a couple of seasons), they'll start expecting it.  So now run play-action off of it.  

No Play

On No-Play, the Offensive Line stays frozen after the snap.  The Center snaps the ball on encroachment, and the OL stays frozen, but go ahead and run a screen play off of it or take a shot downfield.  The Defense sometimes realizes they've jumped and stop, thinking the play is over because the OL is frozen.  

More on Smoke & Mirrors

Make sure you tell the referees all of the trick plays you plan to do!  Let them know what you are trying to do so that they don't blow a successful gadget play dead!
Option Reverse Pass
If you're running a trick play where a guy runs a post as a distraction, don't just ask him to run the route.  If the point is for him to draw the safety, run the route directly at the safety.  As long as you spread the ball around, guys don't mind giving themselves up here and there.
Double Pass
Its seldom that guy who's actually getting the ball on a play screws it up.  The screw up is usually someone else.

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